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2019 Award Winners

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Awards for 2019 Annual Conference, Stuttgart

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Lifetime Achievement Award

Peggy S. Lloyd – for her tireless work in historical archives and in preserving significant historical sites in Arkansas   
Introduced and presented by David Sesser
Peggy Lloyd acceptance speech  additional picture

Billy D. Higgins – for excellence in scholarship, writing, teaching and outreach to the public
Introduced and presented by Tom DeBlack
Billy Higgins acceptance speech   additional picture

Diamond Award

Tom Dillard’s “Arkansas Postings” – With the weekly column, Dillard introduces our history to today’s citizenry  
Tom Dillard

Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie – one of Arkansas’s most unique collection of agricultural relics and early settler artifacts from the historic Grand Prairie
Gena Seidenschwarz accepting award

Tom Dillard Advocacy Award

Tom Wing – for his sustained support for the preservation and study of Arkansas history

J. G. Ragsdale Book Award

Matthew Hild –  Arkansas’s Gilded Age:  The Rise, Decline, & Legacy of Populism & Working’Class Protest

University of Missouri Press – publisher of this year’s Ragsdale Book Award  no picture

James H. Atkinson Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Arkansas History

Thelma Carlton – of Lamar Elementary, Lamar
Kathy Anderson presenting award

Lucille Westbrook Award

Rebecca Howard – for her outstanding contribution to local Arkansas history with her essay “‘Cup of Devils’ to ‘Fruit of the Vine’:  A Spirited History of Grapes in Tontitown, Arkansas, 1898-1935”

Violet B. Gingles Award

Jama Grove – for her outstanding contribution to Arkansas history with her essay
“‘Unjustified Expectations of Magic’:  Arkansas Agricultural Specialist’ Adoption of DDT and 2,4-D”

NEARA Award  – (NorthEast Arkansas Regional Archives in Powhatan)

Robert A. Myers – for his outstanding contribution to Arkansas history with his essay “The Davidsonville Debacle:  Land Title and the Demise of Lawrence County’s First County Seat, 1815-1830” 

James L. Foster & Billy W. Beason Award

Keith J. L. Todd – for his outstanding contribution to Arkansas history with his masters thesis “Forging with Embers:  The Life and Pre-gubernatorial Career of Isaac Murphy, 1799-1864” (MA thesis, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville)

Award of Merit

Cleveland County Herald – for dedicated coverage of local history in its “Other Days” column
Stan Sadler receiving award

Grand Prairie Historical Society – One of Arkansas’s oldest and most accomplished regional history societies, it promotes preservation and study of a unique farming biosphere
Dyan Bohnert receiving award


Walter L. Brown Award for the Best County or Local Journal

The Journal  Billy Higgins, Editor  Mary Jeanne Black receiving

Honorable Mention for next best county of local historical publication

Pulaski County Historical Review  Bob Razer, Editor

Best Use of Graphics in a journal

Flashback  Patsy Watkins, Editor  Maylon T. Rice receiving

Best Article in a County or Local Journal

Travis Ratermann, “‘A Living Hell’:  The Story of a B-47 Bomber Crash that Devastated Little Rock Neighborhoods,” in Pulaski County Historical Review  

Best Family History

Don C. Bragg, “The Langtrees of Little Rock,” in Pulaski County Historical Review

Best Church History

J. Russell Snapp, “The Bishop, the Matriarch, and the Newport Incident of 1932,” in The Stream of History

Best Community History

Amanda Bancroft, “The Historic Johnson Farm:  Preserving History and Ecology, Part I,” in Flashback
(Maylon T. Rice accepting for Amanda Bancroft)

Best School History

Evelyn Barker, “From Rebels to Mavericks:  Southside High’s link to UTA,” in The Journal
(Mary Jeanne Black accepting for Evelyn Barker)

Best Business History

Joshua Youngblood, “Fayetteville’s Co-op:  45 Years and More,” in Flashback

Best Edited Document

Brian K. Robertson, “Duane Swift, Conscientious Objector in WWI,” in The Independence County Chronicle

Best Newsletter

News from the Prairie, Grand Prairie Historical Society, Glenn Mosenthin and Raeann Braithwaite, Co-Editors