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2021 Award Winners

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Awards for 2021 Annual Conference, Virtual

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Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill Gatewood – for his stewardship of one of Arkansas’s most important historic sites, the Old State House Museum 

Rex Nelson – for his tireless promotion of Arkansas history through his newspaper column and other means

Pat Ramsey – for her decades of dedication to History Day


Kenneth C. Barnes – For his extraordinary contribution to scholarship

Ann Early – For her leading role in Arkansas’s archeological and historical communities

Tom Dillard Advocacy Award

Jerry B. Hogan – for meeting the challenges facing the preservation of Washington County history

J. G. Ragsdale Book Award

Brooks Blevins –  A History of the Ozarks, Volume 2:  The Conflicted Ozarks

University of Illinois Press – publisher of this year’s Ragsdale Book Award

James H. Atkinson Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Arkansas History

Ricky Manes– of Fulbright Junior High, Bentonville

Lucille Westbrook Award

Michael Anthony – for his outstanding contribution to Arkansas history in his essay “‘Otherwise You Will Have to Suffer the Consequences:  The Catcher Race Riot of 1923

Violet B. Gingles Award

Revis Edmonds – for his outstanding contribution to Arkansas history with his essay “Academic Freedom and Arkansas Culture:  Three Modern Controversies”

NEARA Award  – (NorthEast Arkansas Regional Archives in Powhatan)

James L. Foster & Billy W. Beason Award

Tess Evans – for her outstanding contribution to Arkansas history with her dissertation “From Native Ground to Underground:  Political & Rival Cultural Landscapes at the Arkansas Post, 1686-1850” (Dissertation, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)


Walter L. Brown Award for the Best County or Local Journal

The Stream of History  Robert D. Craig, Editor 

Honorable Mention for next best county of local historical publication

Independence County Chronicle  George Lankford, Editor

Best Use of Graphics in a journal

The Record Liz Robbins, Editor  

Best Article in a County or Local Journal

Cherisse Jones-Branch, “Pickens W. Black, Sr.: The Baron of Blackville, Ark., 1861-1955,” The Stream of History, Jackson County Historical Society

Best Biography, Autobiography, or Memoir History

Josuha Cobbs Youngblood, “‘Miss Lessie’ Was There: Fayetteville’s Renowned Organizer and Newspaper Woman, Lessie Stringfellow Read”, Flashback, Washington County Historical Society

Best Family History

Dan Durning, “Pulaski County’s German-Bohemian Emigrants from Asch: The Geyer, Reichart, and Penzel Families, 1848-1861,” in Pulaski County Historical Review, Pulaski County Historical Society

Best Church History

Lindsey J. Irvin, “Through the Decades: Grant County Churches,” in Grassroots, Grant County Museum

Best Community History

Caroline Speir, “From Cuba to Fort Chaffee: The ‘Marielitos’ in Arkansas,” The Journal, Fort Smith Historical Society

Best School History

Glenda Campbell Frank, “Nostalgia About Hurie Schools,” The Journal, Johnson County Historical Society

Best Business History

Jim Lynch, “John Sobotka, Little Rock’s Bohemian Broom Maker,” The Pulaski County Historical Review, Pulaski County Historical Society

Best Edited Document

David Sesser, “‘We saw a beautiful town,’ Union Soldiers’ Impressions of Arkadelphia during the Camden Expedition,” Clark County Historical Journal, Clark County Historical Association

Best Newsletter

White County Historical Society News, Shelly Churchwell, Editor